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Week 8: Sporty informal social gathering

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Week 8: Sporty informal social gathering

Postby julietlobley » Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:05 pm

It's getting towards the end of term and everyone is getting a bit tired and stressed,
So to get some endorphins flowing and benefit from some post exercise happiness this weeks informal social gathering will be a sporty evening of climbing and squash

Two squash courts have been booked, one 19:20-20:00 and the other 20:00-20:40
Climbing is obviously less time constrained but I will be in there from about 19:15ish onwards, if you aren't signed off at the uni wall you will need someone to sign you in there should be plenty of people around who can, however, if you can climb but just aren't signed off yet it's super quick and easy, and then you can sign others in
If people are game afterwards we can head upto campus for a drink

If you have any questions just send them my way
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