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SWING CHART 2013-2014

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SWING CHART 2013-2014

Postby LeylaPage » Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:52 pm

So here we have it, the much awaited SWING CHART 2013-2014! After much deliberation, we decided to opt for that oh-so-popular fantasy-slash-porn drama, GoT. If you DON'T watch it, firstly, a massive IMPSLAMP, secondly you can recover by binge-watching it on Netflix.

Anyway so the usual disclaimer: the Swing Chart documents (almost) all known romantic escapades in the club. This year it was done by Bee and Myself, Leyla, cos yes I'm a gossip-hoarder. No harm is meant by this, it is purely for the bants :P

If you got away with a cheeky deed that escaped our notice, lucky you! Next year you might not be so lucky...when it's me and ROSIE SPARKS (holla holla!!...hala?!) doing it! That's right, our lovely informal social gathering sec is my new partner in crime.

I hope you're having a fabulous summer, and hopefully see y'all back in September!


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