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Summer smeg filled ditch Training

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Summer smeg filled ditch Training

Postby KirstenLee » Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:05 pm

For those of you who are interested in keeping up your polo skills over summer term. If you're planning on going but don't have kit/ a boat, don't worry, I'm sure that a driver will be able to supply you with one somehow. :)

Training is a new concept for Red Rose but I personally would like to get out in my boat more. Therefore I am proposing to run evening sessions on the smeg filled ditch through the rest of spring/summer/autumn until the light fails starting next Tuesday 5th May, alternating between Lancaster (meet at white cross) and Carnforth (meet here). These aren't official Red Rose training sessions as such, it is just me on the smeg filled ditch with anyone else who turns up so I'm just using this to advertise if anyone wants to post this onto LUCC chat that would be cool too.

You simply just have to be there with kit and a ball ready to go for the start time (helmets and BA's will be compulsory, boat/paddle is up to you but if they are not Polo boats then you won't be able to do any contact play)

My schedule for the next month will be:
5th May - 6 pm Start - White Cross - Lancaster
12th May - 6 pm Start - Kellet Ln - Carnforth
19th May - 6 pm Start - White Cross - Lancaster
26th May - 6 pm Start - Kellet Ln - Carnforth

If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to send them across.


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