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President's trip 2017

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Re: President's trip 2017

Postby KirstenLee » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:09 pm


Okay folks, here goes - bear with it because there's a lot of info!

First of all, car groups - these are purely based on departure time and have no bearing whatsoever on where people live (so I'm sorry if anyone has a mare), but hopefully most of you will be departing at a vaguely convenient time! The time stated is that at which the last person in your car will be ready to leave. :)
I have sent information regarding arrival to the drivers of the cars arriving earliest so that you can get into the bunkhouse.
Kit lists are stated under each cars passengers. PLEASE organise your transport with your driver so you know what the plan is!

As such, Jon and Tom's cars will be in charge of food on Friday night as they are likely to get there first - please note that everyone will be expected to pitch in throughout the weekend so that we can all enjoy ourselves!

Jon Hayton - (everyone free from 14:00)
Maria Ege
Kit: Personal Kit, 1 x GT 7.5, 1 x GT, 1 x Whip-lash (Jon's boat) 2 x club wetsuit, 1 x club helmet, 2 x club BA, 2 x club paddle, 2 x club deeeick, 2 x club cag

Tom - (everyone free from 17:00)
Amy Garrad
Kit: personal kit, 1 x perception whip-it, 1 x duo 2 x wetsuit/cag/BA/helmet/deeeick/paddle

Chris the Cripple - (everyone free from 16:00)
Ben Deacon
Ben 9"scourfeast
Kit: Personal kit, 1 x GTx, 1 x G3 (the green one) 2 x helmet/deeeick, 1 x paddle/BA/cag/wetsuit

Fartin Paley - (everyone free from 17:00)
Joy Li
Ben chunky
Kit: Fartin and Ben's kit + boats, 1x GT + 1x sonic 2 x club deeeick, 2 x club paddle, 1 x wetsuit/cag/BA/helmet

Gareth (everyone free from 17:00)
Pooliet Lobley
Kit: Personal kit + Rhys's kit (Kirsty's kit will be in Kirsten's car) :)

Kirsten - (everyone free from 18:00)
Dan G
Dan L
Kit: Personal kit (+ club kit that dan lamb has), 1 x GTmax, 1 x pyranha blade, 2 x helmet/deeeick, 2 x cag/wetsuit/BA

Drivers - you can pick kit up on either Thursday evening or on Friday as you are leaving.

Rhys, Leyla, Sex Sheep, Ollie, Helen, Adam, Physalis and Jon and Katie will also be joining us.
One person will be using Helen's boat and one will be using my spare boat from cottage on the hill, so there will be enough boats to go round! :)

Bunkhouse - Glan Dwr Mountain Lodge, Capel Curig, Betws-y-coed, Conwy, LL24 0EN
Rivers will be decided on Friday night with the safety team once we know what levels are like, but we will aim for at least 1 river per day which everyone is capable of paddling.

Those travelling with LUCC - £33
Those travelling separately - £25 (to cover accommodation and food costs)
Please pay the club account ASAP! Message emily "hhaaaaaaaiiiiiiiyyyyy" hotfrog_funkymonkey if you are unsure of banking details

The bunkhouse will be available from 18:00 (I am attempting to get this to be sooner) on the 20th, and all belongings need to be cleared from the bedrooms by 12pm on Sunday the 22nd.
Bottom sheets, pillows and pillow cases are provided, but you will need your own sleeping bag and towel for showers.
Any problems please call the office on 02380 284 401 (Monday to Friday 9am –5pm) or in an emergency you can reach Matt King on 07977 193 001 or locally contact the cleaner (her details are displayed at the lodge).
There won't be enough beds for everyone, so if you have an airbed/ roll mat, please bring it just in case. Drivers will have priority for beds as usual.

Food will be provided for all meals from dinner on Friday night through to Lunch on Sunday, so you shouldn't need to bring anything with you. The kitchen is small so we will be bulk cooking the meals. There will be a vegetarian option for those who don't eat meat! And of course, there will be a variety of hot drinks (but if you like your fancy coffee, bring your own).

Kit List:
Kayaking kit, boat and paddles if you own them
sleeping bag (+ roll mat if you have one)
changes of clothes - bring lots of warm stuff!
coat, scarf, gloves, hat
additional snacks you may need
water/ water bottle

Safety groups:
Whilst on the river, we will be paddling in several groups to make safetying easier. These could be subject to change, depending on the opinions of the safety team. As things stand, they are as follows:

Group 1
"Grade 5" Son
Dan L
Dan G

Group 2
Chris the Cripple T
Sex Sheep
Adam F
Ben S
Ben D
Amy G

Group 3
Tom S
Ben C

Ollie and Helen will be added to groups according to whether they will be paddling the duo or paddling individual boats.

If anyone has any medical conditions that could affect your paddling, please let them be known to safety members (not all of them will know you, so it's important that they be aware).
In addition, I will have the emergency contact details of all club members, and Jess will also have a copy in Lancaster. In the unlikely event that any emergency should occur requiring an emergency contact to be called, please therefore ask myself or try and get in touch with Jess if I can't be found.

As usual, any questions, just ask! I realise it's lots of info, and it will probably change, but at least you all have an idea of what the plan is!


Kirsten xx
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