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Paddle to the Pub Sunday 16th October

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Re: Paddle to the Pub Sunday 16th October

Postby Tom Street » Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:48 pm

Here are the car groups-

Campus: (9 am pick up from sports centre)
Hayton- James Smith, Sofia Smith, Amy Garrand
Martin- Jess Kemmish, Mathea Bernhardt, Benny Deacon, Peter Barber
Jess H- Marvin, Ben S, Emily, Joe Eastham

Off-Campus: (speak to your drivers for a pick up time/place)
Tom- Chris the Cripple, Dan or do I mean Michael?, Pooliet
Emily F- Tay Davies, Elizabeth Goldsbrough, Dan lamb
Kirsten- jingle bingles, lily, Kirsty Falcus, David
Rhys- Joy Li, Alice Forster, Leyla

If all drivers can get themselves and everyone they are picking up, to the boathouse for 9:30am.
People who are being picked, your driver will get in contact with you to tell you what time they will collect you.
REMEBER to bring:
Clothes that can get wet if needed (Trackies, thermals, old trainers etc. no cotton!) or a wetsuit
River snacks and a drink
A change of warm clothes for after paddling (including a towel)
Money for the trip and for food and drink afterwards (£1 for the trip)

If any current members have any spare kit could you bring it along just incase!
Feel free to message me if you have any questions or can't see yourself in the car groups.
Tom Street
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