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Postby KirstenLee » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:37 pm

Hey Everyone,
Another opportunity for you guys to represent your University at kayaking :P Hopefully this one will actually go ahead though and won't be affected by any flooding!

As usual the event will be held at Tees Barrage White Water course. The dates for your diary are the 13th, 14th of February (heading up on the evening of the 12th), with the mens individuals and ladies team on the Saturday, and the ladies, C1, C2 individuals and mens teams on the Sunday. I've booked accommodation near the course so we have a roof over our heads at night as well :P

As usual, entry and transport is covered by LUSU, with accommodation coming in at a very cheap £16(ish, I think) - so it's a worthwhile weekend!

Sign up with the following if you please:
LUSU number (I need it for the entry)
Email (again need it for the entry)
Events entering (K1M, K1W, C1M, C1W, C2, k1/mixed TEAMS)

In conjunction to this, I will be (hopefully) running a slalom session on Sunday the 24th - for those of you who haven't done much slalom before It'll be a good opportunity to get some practice in, and also for me to make a good case for your entry when I go and do entries with LUSU.

Oh and if it helps convince you to come, Papa Lee, Mama Lee and Sister Lee (The Pros) will be at the event all weekend and will probably be more than happy to give you some tips :P

Any questions just ask

Kirsten :) x
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Postby Jonroy » Fri Jan 15, 2016 4:02 pm

Push it Triathlete!
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Postby AdamFinley » Fri Jan 15, 2016 4:45 pm


Potentially C2 with Chris the Cripple, but only if we train first!!!

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Postby KirstenLee » Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:36 pm

Okay - Le plan for the weekend:

Postcode for slalom site: TS18 2QW
Postcode for metro inns: TS18 2RT
We'll be heading up on Friday night, returning on Sunday afternoon. Drivers - remember you have to be registered and have to have an accurate fuel receipt for handing in to LUSU.

Car 1 - Chris the Cripple (Sarah's boat, Kirsten's boat personal kit)
Adam Finley
Kirsten Lee
Sarah Creighton

Car 2 - Tom ("Grade 5" Son's boat, personal kit)
Jon "Grade 5" Son
Michael Rollason

If we do get access to the boathouse during the week then we might take a club slalom boat, otherwise we shall be borrowing boats from the Lee household, in whichcase we'll be fine.

Full competition details are on the BUCCCCCCCCS website - http://www.BUCCCCCCCCS.org.uk/page.asp?section ... mpionships.
Essentially though the weekend runs as follows:

Saturday 13th February 2016
8:00am Registration opens
8:30am Practice session starts
9:00am Registration closes
9:00am Captains’ Briefing
9:15am Judges’ Briefing
9:25am Practice session ends
9:45am Men’s K1
3:30pm Mixed Team (One run only)
4:30pm Estimated event finish time

Sunday 14th February 2016
8:00am Practice session starts
8:45am Judges’ Briefing
9:10am Practice session ends
9:15am Women’s K1, Men’s C1, Women’s C1, Open C2
2:00pm Open Team (One run only)
4:10pm Results and Prize Giving

Any questions as usual let me know :) xx
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