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BUCCCCCCCCS canoe polo 2015 - THE SIGN UP

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Re: BUCCCCCCCCS canoe polo 2015 - THE SIGN UP

Postby KirstenLee » Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:09 pm

BUCCCCCCCCS transport plans:

Location: Hatfield Water Park
Old Thorne Road, Hatfield, Doncaster, DN7 6EQ

Plan for the weekend:
Friday 24th:
 Arrival.
 Ref courses (for those of you attending).
 Registration all day in the small hut on the waterfront!
 Scrutinising of equipment will be from 6pm until late.
 Captains meeting at 9.30pm.

Sat 25th :
 Scrutinising and registration again from 7.00am-8.30am at the hut.
 Matches from 7am – 8pm
 Evening meal 5:30pm – 8:30pm
 Party!

Sun 26th:
 Matches from 7:20am – 5pm
 Prize giving - 5:15pm

Everyone please remember to bring your student cards with you! The evening meal on the Saturday is included, but you will need food for the rest of the weekend. There is also a bar on site (if your captains allow you to drink).

If you can ref matches, please bring your whistles (and maybe memorize what all the signals are for fouls - I hear Jon has a good dance)

Kit list
- Polo kit (rashie - preferably black, bikini - especially for the boys, boardies/strides. NO CAGS! Plus any other kit if you're cool enough to own any)
- hammock if you have one
- roll mat
- pillow
- sleeping bag
- clothes to change into
- waterproofs (it might rain :( )
- thermals to wear over kit in-between matches (or a montane)
- water
- your game face :evil:

Drivers - please collect receipts and mileages so that you can get your money repaid :)

Jon H (+Duo, 2 revenges from slaidburn, 5BA's from slaidburn)
jingle bingles

Ruaidhri (+2 personal boats, 2 plastics from the pool, 5BA's from pool)
Sarah C

Leyla (+4 boats from slaidburn, 2 club paddles, helmets)

Chris the Cripple (+4 boats from slaidburn, 5BA's from slaidburn, 2 club paddles)
Jon C
North Face
Daniel L

Danielle (+4 boats, 1 personal, 2 plastics and the air, helmets, 2 club paddles)

Steph 11-Coats (2 club paddles, 5BA's from pool)
Sex Sheep

Everyone will be taking responsibility for their own BA's for the weekend so the numbers are as follows. Drivers, If you could ensure that all these numbers are brought that would be great :)
1. Dani
2. Leyla
3. Kirsten
4. Sarah
8. Helen
9. Alex
10. Emily

1. Ruaidhri
2. Adam
3. Sex Sheep
4. Chris the Cripple (own BA)
5. Jon C
6. North Face
7. Ben

5. Jon H
6. Stephen
7. Steph 11-Coats
8. Daniel
9. jingle bingles
10. Adrian

If you would like to get your tents there early, Jon and Steph 11-Coats are heading up early so you could potentially (if you ask nicely) get your hammock in with them.

If there is anything I've missed, or if you'd like to make changes please let me know :) Kirsten xx
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