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NSR 2017! :)

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NSR 2017! :)

Postby KirstenLee » Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:47 pm

Hey everyone,

Now that you've all had some experience of a boobies weekend, it's time to plan for the next one! One of the biggest kayaking events of the year is coming up - the National Student Rodeo! The event will run over the weekend 3rd - 5th of March at HPP (Nottingham). This is usually a really fun weekend, and you can win some great prizes in the process (including new boats)! You don't need to know anything about freestyle to take part, as the K1 is open to all (plus beginners get the best prizes), and there'll be plenty of opportunities for you guys to try out different boats, with plenty of safety around if you do take a cheeky dip. Quite a few Lancaster members have signed up for the safety team this year, so there'll be plenty of friendly faces around all weekend! :)

The theme this year is Apocalypse, so get your fancy dress game ready!

If you need some incentive watch a club video of NSR from a few years ago (you might recognize a couple of familiar faces!) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkv8lEXnask, and full details can be seen on the website: http://nationalstudentrodeo.com/

There is a K1 event, duo event, old school event etc. (full details below the post). We will travel there on the Friday and camp there on Friday and Saturday night, returning on the Sunday

Sign up with (please don't just put 'yep', that's really annoying and not helpful for this one):
-Mobile number:
-Email address:
-Purple Card/ LUSU Number:
-Level of Experience:
-If you are able to drive on the day and how many people/boats you can take:
-What kit will you need:
-Require transport: Y/N
-On-campus or off-campus pick up:
-Ticket type (Festival/ Competition):
-What event you want entering into (if you would like a competition ticket):
-Whether you have any dietary requirements:

Costs of the weekend are as follows:
Comp, Camp and Party £53
Camp and Party £52
Extra Event £5 each
Friday food £6
Hoodies £22
T-shirts £10
Fuel costs will be on top of this cost and will be around £20.

If you have any questions please ask,

The events are detailed below:

Extreme Slalom

Everyone with a competition weekend ticket is automatically entered into this general competition and will be given a start time. On the Saturday morning, everyone will take part in the extreme slalom. There will be a number of tasks on your way down the course that will allow the judges to place everyone into beginner, intermediate and advanced categories for both the mens' and womens' events. The great majority of entrants will be entering the K1 competitions, which is why we need to impose some skill-based order !

Being on the water in time is critical to the smooth running of the event, so if you may be arriving late at HPP, make sure the organisers know in plenty of time before the times are allocated (ie. by the time registration closes).


The K1 event (for solo kayaks), being the biggest, will be split into beginners', intermediate and advanced as well as by gender. The events will then be judged in relation to the level. Beginners will try to wow the judges with crowd pleasers, intermediates will show off old and new skool moves to gain points and the advanced competitions will be judged like any standard freestyle contest. Points may also be awarded for on-river fancy dress !


There will be at least one C1 freestyle heat and more depending on interest, in which case levels will, as for the K1, be determined by the Extreme slalom. Points will be awarded for old and new skool moves, as well as style.


There will again be at least one squirt boobies heat, and more depending on interest. Points will be awarded as at any standard squirt event.


Entries are 'per boat' and each University may enter up to two Duos. There will be BoaterX style races down the course to determine who will make it through to the final round which will be held in the looping pool, where points wil be awarded for anything and everything at the judges' discretion. Only enter one paddler's name per Duo in online registration.

"Old Skool" open event

Anyone 18 or over may participate in the Old Skool event. All that is required is a pre-2000 boat and the more retro the kit, the better. Points will be awarded for any old or new school moves you can throw! Registration for the open event is separate from University Club registration, but if you do enter both, please drop us an email so that we know not to count you twice when calculating total numbers (which are strictly capped by the course).
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Re: NSR 2017! :)

Postby BennyDeacon » Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:33 pm

Name: Benny Deacon
Mobile number:07825 740534
Email address: [email protected]
Purple Card/ LUSU Number: 1422362
Level of Experience: pres trip
If you are able to drive on the day and how many people/boats you can take: yes 4boats
What kit will you need: boat, helmet, spray deeeick
Require transport: N
On-campus or off-campus pick up: On Campus
Ticket type (Festival/ Competition): Both
What event you want entering into (if you would like a competition ticket):extreme slalom, k1
Whether you have any dietary requirements:dont like fish
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Re: NSR 2017! :)

Postby BennyDeacon » Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:38 pm

Name: Lizzie Bywater
-Mobile number: 07557221646
-Email address: [email protected]
-Purple Card/ LUSU Number: N/A
-Level of Experience: grade 3/bits of 4 WW
-Not travelling with the uni
-Ticket type (Festival/ Competition): Festival and competition if possible
-What event you want entering into (if you would like a competition ticket):to be decided depending on rules
-Whether you have any dietary requirements: no
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