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Liverpool International Polo

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Re: Liverpool International Polo

Postby Mikaa » Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:20 am

yeah awight.
in town
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Re: Liverpool International Polo

Postby ChrisTighe » Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:20 pm

Sure thang
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Re: Liverpool International Polo

Postby KirstenLee » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:47 am

Ok plan for the weekend boys and girls! :)

Crip Chris the Cripple (+4 boats, paddles, helmets)
• Stephen Howe
• Michael Rollason
• Jon "Grade 5" Son

Leyla Page (+4 boats, 4 paddles, helmets, 2 club decks)
• Helen Sanderson
• Adam Finley
• Kirsten Lee

the man in leather (+ 2 boats)
• Fartin Paley
• Sarah Creighton

Gareth will be taking all the BA's (yay!!)

Important postcodes:
Campsite – St Xavier’s college, L25 6HU
Competition site – Keel Wharf, L3 4FN
For reference the campsite is around 25 minutes away from the competition site, and the campsite will be available from 4:30pm on the Friday, and we need to be at the docks for the captains meeting at 8:30am on the saturday. Competition starts at 9am.

Chris the Cripple has a Wedding on the Saturday evening so will be disappearing for a while, but will be back by the next morning to go to the site.
Fuel will be divided between passengers as per the usual trip under 100 miles from Lancaster. Please arrange transport details with your driver before Friday.

If you haven’t paid your entry fee yet please do so (see the members’ debts document to see how much you owe).

Kit list:
- Camping gear  hammock, sleeping bag, roll mat, pillow, hot cooking device and coffee pot etc. if you have one
- Kit  bikini, rashie, strides/ boardies, cag (if it’s cold) deeeick, other kit if you have it, towel
- Additonal – warm clothes for changing into after and for standing on the side in-between matches, food and drink for the weekend.

All the competition information so far can be found in the link below, if a playlist gets put up before the weekend I'll let you know:

http://www.friendsofallonby.org.uk/atta ... le2015.pdf

Any issues please contact me, Kirsten :) xx
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